Friday, November 5, 2010

New Printable Coupons: Campbells Soups & Swanson Broth

Yay! There's a new printable coupon available for Campbells "Great for Cooking" Soups and also one for Swanson Broth.
Both of these items are part of the Mega Event which means you have to buy 10 of the particapting items to receive the price I have listed. Go here to see a complete list of Kroger deals.


  1. I know you said you don't like Martha Stewart Living magazine, but I am pretty sure you will like the December issue. :) There's a $5/5 coupon for Hallmark stores. Last year a got a scarf for a couple dollars with this coupon. I might get a couple cards...maybe a Christmas and an Anniversary card for my Hubby. :)

  2. Here's a printable for .50/2 Land O Lakes Butter!
    You have to register to print the coupon. I was happy to see this because I didn't buy a Newspaper the week that we got those .50/2 coupons. This is cheaper than the current Aldi price of 1.49.

  3. Do you have the Mega sale flier from the store? The kids took off with mine. :( I read in the comments on MSM that the La Victoria salsa was included in the Mega Event at Kroger Affiliate stores. The 4/2 Q might make it a decent price.

  4. YaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm so happy that the $5/5 Hallmark coupon is back! Last year I got cards and gift wrap for next to nothing. Hopefully there will be another printable too!
    I'm also excited about the LOL printable! I will be buying more butter! I'm gonna stock up. Luckily today I also found 3 of the inserts with the butter coupon!
    I'm looking over my Mega sale flier and I don't see LaVictoria Salsa listed but it might not be a bad idea to double check at the store.

    Did you get a Mt. Vernon news yet? I'm curious about the Hormel Pepperoni coupon.

  5. John figured out that it was the router that was causing internet problems. :( But its up now. I need to go get my newspapers....I will let you know about the Hormel and Swanson coupons.
    I keep checking my e-mail for that code! Ahhhh why can't I just relax???!

  6. my MSL magazine in the mail today! So happy for that hallmark coupon.

    BTW-I noticed there's another $.50/2 LOL coupon on