Thursday, November 4, 2010

Featured Shopper: Judy Saves Big at Kroger

Reader Judy was able to score everything pictured above for $26.92! Her total before Kroger savings and coupons was $146.03. She saved $66.87 by using her Kroger Plus Card and she saved an additional $52.24 by using coupons! That's an 82% savings! Hopefully this will encourage you to start using coupons or to keep on if you already are.

Do you have a shopping trip you'd like to share on here? Send me an e-mail with your savings and picture at


  1. Yay for Judy!!I was thinking about putting my picture on facebook. Some people would think I am totally weird! Can't decide... :)

  2. Go for it Rachal! I know people already think I'm weird. :) That's what makes life interesting, right?

  3. Aww, I feel honored! :) Rachal, please do! I love, love seeing other people's shopping pictures!