Monday, January 4, 2010

Ebay: 20 - $1/1 Oikos Yogurt Coupons for $1.99 Shipped!!

You can currently buy 20 - $1/1 Oikos Yogurt coupons on Ebay for $1.99!! The buy it now price is $1.00 and shipping is $.99. I bought myself one set and there's currently 6 more sets available through the buyer I bought from. Kroger currently has the Oikos Yogurt on sale for $1 through 1/31. So this yogurt will be FREE after coupon!!


  1. Does our Kroger let you use 20 coupons at once for the same item?

  2. I have actually never used 20 of the same coupons at one time at Kroger. Rachal??? Do you know???

    I probably won't buy them all at once. Maybe 10 one trip and another 10 on my next trip. If you don't want all 20 coupons you could split them with someone.

  3. I know I have used at least 12 of one coupon. If they don't let you, just take your stuff out and come back for more! :)