Monday, March 21, 2011

Kroger: FREE Frito-Lay Chips, April 1, 3 - 8 PM

Did you all notice the ad in the Smartsource yesterday about Kroger giving away free chips? On Friday, April 1st from 3-8 PM Kroger will be giving away FREE bags of Frito-Lay chips (2.5-3oz.). While supplies last. Limit one free bag per customer.

I'll try and post a reminder about it next week.


  1. Yes, i saw it! Wonder if I will make it there to get one?? How important is one bag of chips?? :)

  2. I know! I will only stop if I'm in town anyway! Definately not worth the gas to go into town just for that. :) Usually those bags retail around $.99. And gas is what price right now???? :)

  3. 2.5-3 oz. Seriously! Don't think it's worth my time.... :)