Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Local Readers: What Newspapers Should I Buy & How Many?

Recently I was asked a question by several of my readers on what paper is good to buy for coupon inserts. Here's a little rundown on what I found for my area.

The Columbus Dispatch
This paper will have all the inserts; Smartsource, Red Plum, Proctor & Gamble and General Mills. It costs $2.00 at most stores/gas stations.

The Newark Advocate
This paper will also have all the inserts; Smartsource, Red Plum, Proctor & Gamble and General Mills. The Smartsource in this paper won't quite have all the same coupons as the Smartsource in the Dispatch. It costs $1.25 at most stores/gas stations.

Mt Vernon News
This paper doesn't have a Sunday edition so you can most often find coupons in their Saturday paper. They only have the Smartsource insert. Now since the new year they haven't had any coupons in their paper. I called them and the person I talked to said they weren't given any to put in. So.... I'm not sure what's going on. Is it the end of coupons for the Mt. Vernon News? If you do find a weekend that the Mt. Vernon News does have the Smartsource, it will cost you $.50.

I also advise if you pick up your papers at a store/gas station to look inside of it before you buy it! Sometimes they can get sloppy when stuffing them and you want to make sure you're getting your full moneys worth.

If you're from out of the area, I encourage you to check out several different stores/gas stations and see what papers they offer.

How Many Papers Should I Buy?
I once read on a couponing blog that you should buy the same amount of newspapers as the number of people in your household. I've found that to be a little extreme. I generally buy 2-3 papers per Sunday and there's 4 in  my household. Once my family does grow I don't foresee myself buying more papers than that. I've been able to establish a good stockpile with this amount of papers. If you're wondering, I will often buy 1 Columbus Dispatch and 2 Newark Advocates. If I don't see too many coupons that interest me then often I will only get one of each.

So what do you think? Do you have anything to add?

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