Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just for fun...

This morning I was looking over my spending and savings for 2010 and I thought I'd share it with you.

Total Spent after Coupons & Rebates - $2,656.74
Total Saved with Coupons - $5,525.72 (includes UPRs & ECBs)

I budget $60 a wk/$240 a month on groceries. So I actually came out below budget with my spending this year!
I'd say $5,525.72 is alot to save by using coupons & taking time to fill out rebates! But obviously I wouldn't have bought everything I did if I wouldn't of had coupons.

So does anybody want to guess how many coupons I used in 2010?


  1. That's interesting! Your work paid off!! 2600??? :)I don't keep track of my coupons at all... but we enter all our spending into Quickbooks so I want to go through it and analyze everything for the year.

  2. Wowzers Michelle! I though my savings of $3,000 in 8 months was pretty good, but you totally blew me out of the water! Good job.

    Okay so how many coupons? I'm guessing 3,756. Do I get some coupons if I'm the closest? :) Just kidding.

  3. Lydia, I guess I should clarify that I included all my ECBs, UPRs, $5/$25 RA coupons in my $10,000 coupon amount. So that's why it's a higher amount.

  4. Oh, Lydia & Grace- I used 2,847 coupons. (That of course includes ECBs & UPRs) So Grace, you were very close!

  5. Lydia-
    When you exclaimed over my $10,000 coupon savings I decided to double check the figures on the excel spreadsheet I downloaded to track this stuff. I really wondered how mine could be that much higher than yours. Here a formula was somehow messed up in the program because it didn't add every months coupon totals together properly. It actually comes to $5,525.72 which sounds alot more reasonable. I glad you commented because I'm so embarrassed I had such a high figure posted. People probably think I'm insane.

  6. Way to go!!!! I was hoping you would do a post about your 2010 savings!!
    It's so worth it to budget and use coupons and seeing the actual savings gives great satisfaction! I quit entering my stuff in the spreadsheet around the time I got pg so I don't know what my actual numbers are. But I am happy that I average $50-$60 a week...now who knows what will happen when the baby comes. :) One of my biggest "saving satisfactions" for the year is my diaper stockpile. :)
    You're a great inspiration and encouragement to keep clipping and saving!
    I am priding myself on the fact that I didn't spend any money yet this year. Ha ha! I should see how long I can go!! LOL!! I know, I am weird. :) Oh wait I had a dollar left in my purse from last year, which I used last night to get a yogurt parfait from Mcdonalds, on the way home from the hospital....since this is already a letter instead of a comment, :) and I am getting off subject... I will tell you the details later.

  7. LOL Rachal~ way to go on not spending any money this year! LOL! I was thinking I need to call you and see how you're doing. Maybe tomorrow sometime...

  8. Curious what all you include in your "groceries". Is that like all paper products, diapers, toothpaste, etc. as well?

  9. Yes, that includes everything. All toilteries, diapers, wipes, etc...

  10. You've done an awesome job of staying on budget. That's a ton of coupon savings. I didn't keep track of mine on a spreadsheet like that but I did see my receipt at CVS says I have a savings of 1,300.00 and my receipt at Giant Eagle says I have a savings of a little over 2,000.00. I also do a lot of shopping at Rite Aid but not sure what my savings were there. Obviously these are totally inflated savings too. Do I look like I would have bought this shampoo for the normal price of 10.00? or this cereal for 5.00 a box? :)

    On a little bit of a different note: Does your church have regular carry in meals? It seems my budget takes a big hit when I'm on for hot food. This past year I was on 3 times for hot food and each time it was between $60-80. That eats up the entire budget for the week. I've contemplated adding extra to my budget that week. We also LOVE hosting people and I love to have brunches or ladies teas or take cookies to the neighbors. I don't want to get so caught up in saving money that I cut out stuff like this. I do find that doing a lot of hosting and entertaining takes a lot of food. 3 cheers for a nice stockpile. :)

  11. Heather-
    We have carry in once a month at church but it's normally just bring a hot & cold dish. I have been so thankful that our church doesn't do carry in's like your church. Sometimes I'm at Mom's when she's getting stuff around to make the hot dish and I'm like whoa- that would get expensive real fast! Which I guess you have several Sundays then you don't need to take anything...
    I also agree on not getting too caught up on saving that you hesitate to have company. I'm so thankful for my stockpile because it's cheaper for me to have company now than before I couponed.