Friday, January 21, 2011

Amazon: Size 3 Huggies Diapers, 156 ct, Only $10 shipped!

If you're wanting to use the $20 Amazon gift card you purchased from Living Social here's a deal I came up with for diapers.

First of all you'll want to log into your Living Social account and click on "my deals". Next click on "get gift card code". Then you'll just want to click on "Apply to my account". (If you don't already have an Amazon account you may want to set one up before you try to apply your gift card code.)
  • Next if you're not signed up in Amazon Mom's you'll want to head over here and do so. It's free to sign up.
  • Go here to view the Huggies Size 3, 156 ct. If you don't want that size go here and select a different brand or size. 
  • Next on the right hand side of the page in the blue box you will see the option to save an additional 30% by signing up for the Subscribe & Save. Make sure the quantity reads one and click on the "Subscribe Now" button.
  • At this point you may be asked to sign in. (I didn't have to because I was already signed in.)
  • You're total should be $22.34. If you have a 20% code from various Parenting magazines you'll want to enter it in the promotional claims box on the last page.  This will bring you're total down to $15.96. Because you entered you're $20 gift card into your account already it will automatically deduct $15.96. So you're total should be $0. Click the yellow button on the bottom of the screen that reads "Sign me Up". You should receive your diapers in 2 business days!
So if you figure in the $10 you paid for the $20 gift card, it's like you're getting a box of Huggies diapers for only $10 shipped to your door. And you even have $4 left on your gift card to use for a future purchase.

An important note: Once you receive your shipment of diapers you'll want to log into your Amazon account and make sure you cancel the Subscribe & Save option. You can do this by clicking on "your account" and then "Manage your Subscribe & Save items". If you don't do this they will ship you a box of Huggies every month.

If you have any questions just leave a comment and I'll try to help you the best I can.


  1. Thanks for posting this...I'm going to link to you.

    And if anyone is wanting Pampers instead of Huggies go here to get a coupon to use on Amazon to save $1.50.

  2. If you cancel your subscription right away won't it cancel your current order? Here's what it says on the Subscribe and Save page: Click yes below and we will stop sending automated orders of this item. We will also cancel any orders for this subscription that have not yet shipped. Go to Your Account to view open and recently shipped orders.

    So I'm thinking you'd have to wait until your current order shipped at least. What do you think?

  3. Yes you have to wait until it ships. I have already had my diapers shipped a few hours after I placed the order!

  4. Yes you want to wait to cancel the subscribe and save until after your diapers have shipped.