Thursday, November 11, 2010

Worth Watching...

  • If you have a little extra time you may want to watch this episode of The View. Their focus yesterday was on how to get stuff for free. Coupon Mom made a guest appearance and talked on how to use coupons with a sale to score stuff for free. I was a little disappointed that they didn't touch on the drugstore game.( I also don't quite agree with "complaining" only to be able to get free stuff. Now if you have a legitimate complaint it's one thing but being nit picky just to try to get free stuff is wrong in my opinion.)
  • If you need a good laugh you should go here and watch a cute little skit done on Saturday Night Live. Trust me you'll get a good least I did. In reality, the message is so true! Don't buy stuff you can't afford!


  1. That was funny!
    An $8,0000 per night hotel??? Thats nearly 17 months rent for us!!!

  2. Oops I added one too many zeros...

  3. I know...insane!!!!!!! Some people obiviously have way to much money.

    I also thought it was funny how some of the ladies didn't like it when their date wanted to go to a certain restaruant because he had a coupon.

  4. No kidding! Would they rather have a guy with thousands of dollars in credit card debt??