Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meijer: Crisco Cooking Spray $.49 ea

When I was at Meijer over the weekend I noticed that they had Crisco Cooking Spray on price cut for $1.99 until 12/5.

Crisco Cooking Spray - $1.99 ea
Use $.75/1 Crisco Cooking Spray printable
Final Price - $.49 ea


  1. I forgot to tell you...the CVS holiday gift guide is back with the coupon for "Spend $20, get 4 ECB's". They had some in the entrance and by the checkout.
    Also, if you got the $3 Kashi coupon from Recycle Bank, Kroger has Kashi cereal for 3.49. It used to be 50 points and its now 90 points. I got 3 while they were 50 points and now I wish I would have gotten another one! .49 for Kashi cereal is amazing!
    I used my .50/1 Dole Fruit coupon today and got the .75/2 Kroger cat. Did you get one today? Gotta love free Mandarin oranges!

  2. Oh....and there's a peelie on the one kind of Kashi cereal, "Buy 3 Kashi products and save $3 on produce!"

  3. I was wondering about that CVS coupon. I want to get one and use it next week with the black friday deals.

    Yep, I got the cat for buying the Dole Fruit.

    I didn't get any of the Kashi coupons through recycle bank. I've been saving on to my points hoping that the $4/20 CVS coupon and $5/$25 Rite Aid coupons will come back.

  4. Rachal -

    You're making me tired just reading your comment and you seem so incredibly diligent. I've been so, so busy since having baby #3, teaching piano, regular mommy/household stuff and teaching Hannah has taken a LOT of time too. I've been couponing but not quite as hard core. :) I have to pass on certain deals just because taking 3 kids to town is a big project and we can't miss a day of school without having to make it up later. Michelle and Rachal - do you guys have any idea how much time you put into deal finding/organizing coupons/shopping each week?? Every time I find a system that works for my life, my life changes and then my system must change again. :) Btw-have you been reading MoneySavingMoms Series on Time Management?? It is wonderful! Well, I'll wrap up this letter and head for bed. :)

  5. Heather, you made me laugh! Diligent? No way...I don't even have inserts from every week.....I have been slacking since my pregnancy and let deals go by. For example, I printed the $4 Guacamole coupon intending to get free product, and I had more items from the mega sale I wanted...my plans to go to town Sat. night just fell apart. I.WAS.TOO. TIRED! Right now I try to hit no more than 3 stores. If I make an extra trip to town for a doctor appointment I might stop at another store. I know in a few months when the baby comes it will be even worse, so I am trying to stockpile diapers, etc...so I don't have as much to put on my list. As far as at home preparation...depends on the week. This week, I spent about 30 min clipping (I only clip what I think I will use) filing, looking through sale flyers and making my lists. It often happens in 10 minute increments, becasue of so many interruptions. If we didn't need to save money so badly...I would probably cut back even more. I would say do what you can/want and don't feel guilty about the rest. For a few months this summer, my husband did a lot of the shopping and very few coupons were used...I was too sick to care. Yes I read MSM's time management series...her life seems so far from the reality of my life, but there are still things I can apply.

  6. I probably spend about 30 minutes a week organzing my coupons. I probably spend another 30 minutes getting my shopping list together. Sometimes longer if I have to watch some VV and print coupons. I usually spend one morning a week in town. Roughly 2-3 hours. Sometimes depending on the weekend and what we're doing I may stop at some stores again. So I'll spend another 30 minutes getting ready for that.
    Now I do spend more time on the computer but the only reason for that is my blog. If I wouldn't have a blog my computer time would be cut in half.
    Don't be hard on yourself if you can't coupon hardcore like you were before your baby. We are all in different seasons of life right now. I only have 2 children so I'm couponing and stockpiling as much as I can because I know once I have another baby/homeschool, whichever comes first I will need to cut back.
    Could you possibly have one evening a week where you go do your shopping while Joe stays at home and babysits? Or you could try early morning Saturdays. I know when Lakeshia was a baby I would often get up a 6:30 on Saturdays and go to my shopping.
    I hope you figure out something that works for you!

  7. Michelle-Sometimes I do try to run in to a store or two while Joe is along. Oftentimes that works out well. Hannah likes to shop with me, Zach will sleep and Matthew watches Joe play a game on his smartphone. But Joe doesn't always have time to stop if we're out and about. Last week I put Hannah and Matt to bed and left the baby with Joe and headed out late one evening. I left at 9:15 and went to Target, Giant Eagle and Walmart. It was a very successful trip but I didn't get back till about 12:30 and did get to bed till after 1:00 and ended up sleeping in the next morning and not having a very productive morning. :( Oh well, guess that's how it works sometimes. :) Joe plays hockey once a week in Wooster so I usually do my Rite Aid/CVS shopping then and then then every other week I head to Masillon for a big grocery shopping event. :) Joe doesn't really have free evenings. He's been working crazy hours at work, he sells puppies on the side, we rent out our garage, he plays volleyball and hockey, we bought a rental property and we seem to have a lot of social engagements. Can you tell we're busy and we like it that way? For the most part anyway. :) Well, time to check out this weeks Giant Eagle deals!!!!

  8. haha. Joe would be thrilled to know that he commented on your blog. :) Sorry. Didn't realize he had logged in. Heather