Thursday, November 4, 2010

FREE Subscription to Real Simple

FreeBiz Magazines is offering a FREE one year subscription to Real Simple Magazine. I entered the option of homemaker and I qualified to receive the magazine. This will go FAST as it's limited to the first 500 people. So hurry!

Thanks, For the Mommas!


  1. Well....I signed up, but I have to wait and see if I'm one of the first 500. :) :)

  2. I signed up....who knows if I will get it.

  3. Hopefuy one of us will get it and they we can pass it on to each other. :)

    Did you find any great deals today other than what I have listed?

  4. No I didn't find any new deals that I can think of.... unless you want to buy Hungry Man frozen dinners for .25. :) There's a $2 facebook coupon. I am just overwhelmed with everything I got..drowning in carnatioin milk and Campells soup! The chunky soup was actually .88, so I got a bit of overage on that as well. I was glad for the Hot Pockets, Hungry Man dinners, and Campbells Chunky soup to put in my "post postpartum recovery stash!"