Friday, October 8, 2010

Rite Aid: Candy Deal is Still Working!

Update: It appears as if the $2 UPR isn't printing anymore. You can read more about it here.

The candy deal at Rite Aid is definitely still working today! I was able to get all this candy in the picture for free + a $4 moneymaker. I got back $24 in UP rewards and I should have gotten $25 in UPR. I'm thinking the reason I didn't get back one of the $1 UPR wyb 2 bags of candy is because my last set of 2 bags I mixed and matched. Must be if you do that you won't get a $1 UPR but I did get back 2, $2 UPR for both of those bags. So just a word of caution about that. I wouldn't advise to mix and match. To find out for yourself how to snag this deal, go here.

Local Readers: The Mt. Vernon Rite Aid still had Starbursts, Blow Pops, Dum Dum Pops, & Jolly Ranchers. So if you want to get some free candy I would advise trying to get in there today yet.


  1. That's crazy. :) When I read about it last night I wanted to pack up my 3 kids, jump in the van and drive to Rite Aid. And then I thought, who am I kidding? It was 11:00, the three kids were in bed, Rite Aid was closed and I didn't need that much sugar. Would have made great prizes for my music student prize basket though. Glad you got in on the deal....

  2. he, he... I was tempted too to head out to RA last evening, but I refrained...