Thursday, October 14, 2010

Groupon: $30 Voucher to for $15 + FREE Shipping!

Are you need of a new pair of shoes? Well if you are you may want to consider checking into buying a $30 voucher to for only $15 + free shipping. Here's what you need to do to snag this deal.

1. Go to Groupon and sign up or log in.
2. Click on the "Visit More Cities" tab in the navigational bar and click on Raleigh/Durham. (This is an online deal so anybody can take advantage of it)
3. Click on "Buy" and complete your order. (This is available today only)
4. Online voucher will show up under "My Stuff" and then "My Groupon"
5. Print the voucher once your deal has been processed.
6. Limit one per person. Expires in 1 year. Valid on sale items. Not valid with other offers.

So what do you think? Is it a good deal for you? I decided to go ahead and buy a voucher and use it to buy myself some new tennis shoes. Can you believe it that I've been married 6 years and I'm still wearing the same pair of tennis shoes I had before I was married? Every winter I wanted to buy myself a new pair but couldn't bring myself to pay $50 for a new pair of shoes. So I'm hoping with this deal I'll be able to pick up a new pair of tennis shoes for close to only $15-$25.


  1. Seems like a decent deal, but I like to try on shoes before I buy them. We've been married almost 7 years and I think I have bought tennis shoes once. :) I don't wear them a lot since they don't go with most of my clothes...and I don't play sports anymore... I think the only time I wear them is on the bike trail. I hope you can find some you like. :)

  2. I'm hoping to buy a pair of Skechters. In my opninon those are the most comfortable tennis shoes you can buy. I wear tennis shoes alot more in the winter when it's cold out.

  3. What color do you get? Maybe I need to try those. :)

  4. Years ago when I had a pair mine was white. But this time I may get a pair that's gray/pink or gray/purple. I haven't taken alot of time yet looking at all the shoes on Also they have free shipping + free return shipping if you don't like what you buy.