Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Save $.50/2 Campbell's "Great for Cooking" Soups

Save $.50/2 Campbell's "Great for Cooking" Soups. This coupon was available a month ago but it appears to have reset because I was able to print it again. Remember that you can print 2 per computer. Meijer has Campbell's cream soups on sale this week for $.75 ea which means you can get them for only $.25 ea after doubled coupon! That's an awesome deal for soup! Meijer actually has quite a few good deals you can get this week. Maybe I'll try to highlight a few of the best deals sometime today.


  1. Do you know, are all the cooking soups considered "Great for Cooking" or are there some that are specifically marked that way? Giant around here has the tomato soup on sale for $0.50 each, and I'm wondering if the coupon would work on it.

  2. At our local grocery store they consider the tomato soup as a "Great for Cooking" soup even though the label doesn't mention it.

    This is a great deal. I already have too many but plan on getting some to pay off my library fines. :( Over the holiday weekend and my brothers wedding we forgot to take a couple of movies back and they charge 1.00 per day per movie. So I now have 10.00 of fines on my card. Every once in a while you can bring in a canned good and they take off 1.00 off your total for every canned good. This way I can pay my fine for a fraction of the price and help a food pantry too.

  3. I would probably give the coupon a try with tomato soup and see it works. I think if they would want to exclude the tomato soup they could put that on the coupon. just a thought...

    Yes, Heather I know all about library fines. Right now I have around $5 fines on my card and the last time I was in there the lady told me to wait to pay it until November when they accept canned goods for pay!

  4. Thanks ladies! Wow, what a great way to be able to pay off library fines. Those $1/day fines really bite!