Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Amazon: Hot Deal on Huggies and Pampers Diapers!

You can currently get a smokin' hot deal on diapers over at For a limited time their offering 30% off these diapers when you subscribe. (Don't worry, once you receive your first shipment of diapers you can go back into your account and unsubscribe.) Also in the August & September issue of Parents Magazine and in the August Issue of Parenting Magazine there was a 20% off code for when you buy diapers through You will need 3 of the 20% off codes to get the best deal but even with 2 codes you're getting a good deal! You could check at your local library for some codes if you don't have enough.

Here's what I did:
1 box of Huggies Little Movers, Sz 3, 124 ct - $32.75
30% off Subscribe & Save Option                     -$9.83
20% off 1st Promo Code                                     -$6.55
20% off 2nd Promo Code                                    -$6.55
20% off 3rd Promo Code                                    -$6.55
Total - $3.27!!!

Some other diapers that would be good deal after discounts:

Pampers Swaddlers Dry Max Sz 1-2, 252 ct - $41.49
30% off Subscribe & Save Option                     -$12.45
20% off 1st Promo Code                                     -$8.30
20% off 2nd Promo Code                                    -$8.30
20% off 3rd Promo Code                                    -$8.30
Total - $4.14

Shipping is automatically free when you choose the Subscribe & Save Option.


  1. how can you use 3 of the 20% promo codes on the same box of diapers?

  2. I don't know but it allows you to enter all 3 codes and from what I read online it's working for other people like this too.

  3. Valerie, It's not the same promo code. Each one is different.

  4. This is a great deal! But... I get Parenting magazine through the mail and got 2 promo codes that way, entered both and everything worked fine. Went to the library to look for a 3rd, they didn't have any, so I went to the store and bought (I felt guilty just stealing the code) a magazine and now it's not letting me put in the 3rd code:( :( :(. The only thing I can figure is that 2 of the codes start with the same 2 starting numbers. Oh well, live & learn I guess.

  5. Yes, you can't have 3 codes all from the same magazine unless it's from different months. But even with just 2 codes it's still a good deal.