Thursday, July 1, 2010

Money Saving Tips on Printing Coupons

This is a post I did close to a year ago when I started my blog. I thought that some of my newer readers may enjoy reading this. Do you have any money saving tips of your own when it comes to printing coupons?
  • We all know it can get expensive rather quickly buying ink cartridges. We have a Dell printer and I was buying our cartridges directly through Dell. I always cringed whenever it was time to buy more ink. So I was excited when I discovered I could by remanufactured cartridges through 4inkjets. I can save 30% by ordering my cartridges through them rather than Dell. So far I have been pleased by the quality of printing and the cartridges are lasting just as long as they were when I got them through Dell.
  • Print your coupons in black and white. In your printer settings you should be able to choose to print color images in black and white.
  • When printing some coupons, the coupon will print with a picture following the coupon. When this happens, I normally wait until I see the entire coupon has printed then I quickly press the "stop" button on our printer. You'll save alot of ink this way! Unfortunately there are a few coupons that the picture prints out before the coupon and there's no way to avoid that.
  • To save on paper, buy it at Staples when they have a good sale. In the 3 months I've been "couponing" I've seen 2 different times that they've had a deal when you bought a ream of paper you could get 90%-100% of your money back via a rebate. When I run across a deal like this I'll be sure to let you know.


  1. If you take your empty ink cartridges to Staples they will give back two dollars for every cartridge. (Used to be 3) It comes to my e-mail as Staples rewards and then you can print it out. I never pay for paper and usually make money on it, because I only buy it (with my rewards) when there is a rebate on it, so I never put money out and then get a rebate check back! If you know people that don't want to bother you can collect their cartridges too. Tim brings me the ones from the office where he works.

  2. I remember you telling me about this and I have got to start doing this!!! When I think about the cartridges I've thrown away I'd have quite a few staples rewards by now! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I always use the whole page...if I only print 2 coupons on a page I flip my page over and run one more on the blank part on the opposite side just as a precaution incase there would be an add.Sometimes i just cut the blank part off and run just a short piece through. another way to save paper is to reuse. I recycle paper and use the back sides to...never had a problem with them not taking them at the store either. Might be kinda redneck, but I don't really care, they're gonna get pitched at one point anyway.

  4. ^^^Yep I do that too! I sometimes will run a 1/3 sheet of paper through my printer. I'm glad I have a dinky printer that will let me do that because I think some of these high end laser printers would get jammed if you tried that. I also use junk paper that I'm going to throw out to print coupons on. It doesn't really matter what's on the back. ;)

  5. staples just had a great deal on paper about 2 weeks ago. even my husband was impressed with my deal. ;) (he doesn't get too excited about free body wash and cheap cereal.... ) after rebate i had 1000 sheets of hp paper for 2.00. the staples easy rebate is exactly that.... very easy. i love it.

    btw- who in their right mind would print all their coupons in color? i know some people do but that seems crazy. color is SO pricey in comparison to black and white.

    thanks for the tips....