Monday, July 19, 2010

Kroger Deals 7/19 - 7/25

Here are some of the best deals this week at Kroger. My local Kroger doubles coupons up to $.99. The prices below reflect that.

Turkey Hill Ice Tea - $.88 ea
Use $1/2 from the 6/13 RP
Final Price - $.38 ea wyb 2

Hefty One Zip Bags - $.88 ea
Use $.55/2 from the 5/23 RP
Final Price - $.33 ea wyb 2

Skintimate Shave Gel - $2 ea
Use $.75/1 from the 6/27 SS or 7/11 SS
Final PRice - $.50 ea

The deals listed below are part of the Mega Event. Buy 10 of the particapting items and receive $5 off your purcahse instatanly. The prices below are assuming you're buying 10 items.

Philly Cream Cheese - $.99
*Read here to find out how to get them for free.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Minis - $.99
Use $.55/1 blinkie coupon
Final Price - FREE

Kraft Cheese 6-8oz. - $1.99
*Read here to find out how to get them for $.99ea.

Dan-O-Nino Yogurt - $1.99
Use $1/1 from the 7/18 SS
Use $.75/1 printable
Final Price - $.49 - $.99 ea
*Catalina, Buy 2 get $1 OYNO, Buy 3 get $1.50 OYNO, Buy 4 or more get $2 OYNO*

Boulder Canyon Chips - $.99 ea
Use  $1/2 printable
Final Price - $.49 ea

Townhouse Flatbread Crisps - $2.49 ea
Use $.75/1 from the 7/11 RP
Final Price - $.99 ea

Welch's Grape Juice - $2.99 ea
Use $.75/1 from the 7/11 SS
Final Price - $1.49 ea

Miracle Whip or Mayo - $1.99 ea
Use $1.50/2 Miracle Whip from the 6/20 SS
Use $1/1 printable
Final Price - $.99 - $1.24 ea

Wish-Bone Salad Dressing - $2.49 ea
Use $1.50/2 from the 6/27 RP
Final Price - $1.74 ea

Wheatable Nut Crisps - $2.29 ea
Use $1/2 Tearpad coupon
Final Price - $1.79 ea

Act II Popcorn - $2.99 ea
Use $.40/1 from the 6/20 SS
Final Price - $2.19 ea

Tombstone Pizza - $2.99 ea
Use $2/1 printable
Final Price - $.99 ea

Dixie Plates - $2.49 ea
Use $.50/1 from the 5/23 RP
Final Price - $1.49 ea

Various Lysol Cleaners - $2.19 ea
Use various $.50/1 printables
Final Price - $1.19 ea

Satin Care Shave Gel - $1.49 ea
Use $.55/1 from the 6/6 PG or 7/4 PG
Final Price - $.39 ea

Softsoap Hand Soap - $.99 ea
Use $.50/1 printable
Final Price - FREE

Did you find any great deals that I don't have listed?


  1. I was too tired to go shopping so John is stopping at the Johnstown Kroger on the way home from Columbus tonight. I told him LOOK FOR PEELIES ON THE CHEESE!!! :)
    How do you explain a peelie to your husband? "You know.....yellow, square, says Save $1." Then he asks, "do you want me to use them right away?" LOL!!!
    I am so happy that he is going for me, but he's a little worried with all the coupons and long list! Hope everything's in stock.

  2. I hope everything goes well for him. Hope he finds lots of cheese with peelies!

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  4. Well, things didn't go too well for John. POor guy. He didn't count right and got only 19 items from the mega sale. He didn't get enough Gatorade and so he didn't get the second $5 discount. :( Plus he couldn't find 3 things on the list and got 2 juice instead of one because there was a 1/2 hangtag (He didn't know there was also a 2/1 Q in the stack.) I felt sorry for him. He called the extra cost, "dumb tax". :) I am just glad I didn't have to go. He had to shop late at night which didn't help either. :(

  5. Aww...that's too bad. I can't imagine Jeremy would do to well either trying to do my grocery shopping when the mega event is going on. It can be stressing for me as well.

  6. I had a terrible time today at Kroger as well. I accidentally got one package of cheese that was not a participating item. I knew right away that I didn't get my 2nd $5 off so I went to customer service but such a mess to get it figured out and when I came home and thought about it some more realized that I still paid $4 too much. Blah, Blah! Question on the Kraft Cheese catalina...if you buy 10 qualifying items in a single transaction will you only get 1 $5 catalina??

  7. Yes, you will only get ONE $5 catalina even if you buy 10 qualifying items.

    Ugghh!!! I hate when that happens to me with the Mega sale. It can be so stressful in the store to be counting your items, making sure you have all the correct coupons and keeping your antsy kiddos in order. I try to remind myself, "you win some and you lose some".

  8. I keep trying to remind myself too that I have saved hundreds this last year and I should not sweat it. But...oh grrrr...I work hard for that money! I fear I may be becoming one of those coupon slaves they were talking about in that one article. I about couldn't let it go last night that I paid $.90 a bag for my cheese instead of getting it for free. Tim finally said how much is it usually and when I told him he said well $.90 is still a good deal.

  9. Oh and while I was at Kroger yesterday I found a stand up sign that had a tearpad of coupons for $1 off two packages of Oscar Mayer Deli Meat. It was in the meat department. We like sandwiches in the summer so I was excited to find coupons.

  10. Is your cheese on sale for $.99 or were you able to find peelies? I am so jealous of you to be able to get your cheese for free. I'm trying to be happy with $.99 cent cheese but it drives my crazy to know that people in the Mid Atlantic region are getting them for free. (They're cheese is on sale for $.99)

  11. Actually I was figuring it wrong. Oops...I really have problems. Ours is $1.88 if you buy 10 mega sale items and there was a blinkie there for $1/2 packages of cheese. So if you buy 5 packages and then 5 other items with the mega sale, use 2 coupons, and get back a $5 catalina it makes it .48 each. It was funny I was standing there trying to figure out which cheese I wanted and Alissa just kept pulling coupons out of the blinkie. Because it starts another coupon after a bit she thought she had to keep pulling them out every time.

  12. He he, way to go Alissa!!! You've got her trained right. ;)