Monday, July 26, 2010

CVS Deals 7/25 - 7/31

Here are my favorite deals this week at CVS.

Pampers Baby Dry, Swaddlers or Cruisers, 48-96 ct $21.99, Earn $10 ECBs (Limit 1)
Use $2/1 Pampers Swaddlers or Cruisers from the 6/20 RP or 7/4 PG +
Use $4.50 Pampers DryMax CRT
Final Price - $5.49 after coupons and ECBs!!
*Supposedly the limit on this is 2. I would only buy one and then check your receipt. If it says "Limit not reached" then you can probably buy another one. It seems that this limit is varying from state to state.*

U by Kotex $4.49, Earn $4.49 ECBs (Limit 1)
Use $1/1 U by Kotex printable
Final Price - FREE + $1 in overage after coupon and ECBs!

M&Ms 9.9oz - 12.6oz- $2.50
Use $1/1 Pretzel M&M's from 7/25 RP +
Use $1/1 M&M's CRT
Final Price - $.50

Go here to see more deals you can get at CVS this week.

What are you buying this week at CVS?


  1. I bought pampers is a limit of 1 here. :( :(

  2. What a sweet week at CVS. I believe the limit at our CVS is 2 because I got one and it doesn't say "Offer Limit Reached".

    Here was my diaper scenario:

    Buy one big box @ 21.99
    Minus 4.50 coupon from the magic machine.
    Minus 3.00 coupon from Vocal Point.
    Pay 14.49
    Get back 10.00 ECB
    Total of $4.49 for 96 pampers
    That's 4.5 cents per pamper
    I have SO many pampers I have no idea what to do with them all but it was too good of a deal to pass up.

    The magic machine also printed out a 1.00 coupon for the U by Kotex so I was able to make that into a 2.00 MM.

    Our local CVS also had the 2.00 peelies on the softsoap so we have tons of soap now.

    Our family should be the cleanest family in the neighborhood. At any rate, I'm sure we have the most personal care products. It's crazy how many things I've been able to get for free.

    We have friends in Wilmington who started a church and now they run a coffee shop out of their church. They also started giving out personal hygiene packages to those in need. This is the beauty of couponing. I have oodles of stuff to donate without paying out hundreds of dollars.

    Sorry to get so long winded.... :)

  3. Just an FYI...I used a Kroger catalina coupon for $3 off pampers at CVS and it worked just fine....:)
    Maybe I was wrong about the limit of receipt said I bought one...and number needed to reach limit was one, so I was assuming it meant it was reached. but maybe it meant I can get one more??? I am confused.

  4. Monica, It will say "limit reached" under Pampers offer at the bottom of the receipt. So it sounds like the limit is 2.

  5. Heather I'm a bit jealous of your diaper deal!:) I did not have luck with the magic machine:( And I had previously used the $3 vocalpoint coupon, but I had a $1.50 coupon that I used. And I ended up paying $10 more than I had hoped because of not being able to work out a scenario...

    Ladies, I still don't feel like I'm getting this couponing thing!!

    Could be I'm just discouraged b/c I went to CVS today, and there was supposed to be a moneymaker on Neutrogena suncare, well my CVS apparently doesn't carry the travel size so I couldn't work that scenario. It was supposed to be 10 ECBs back after 2 free (w/ coupons) travel size items... Then they were all out of pretzel M&Ms. I was bummed. I haven't bought candy in forever and was so looking forward to this! Sad I know:) And having a screaming 11 mo old in the cart did nothing for my concentration. So I left feeling a little deflated and frazzled!!

    Sorry, I just had to blow off some steam... BIG SIGH

  6. Heidi, if it makes you feel any better I couldn't find the small Neutrogena sunscreen at my store either. I think only the bigger CVS's carry the little tubes. They were also out of the pretzel M&M's. I was so dissappointed. I guess we can pout together. ;) Even if you only had a $1.50 pampers coupon, you still got a good deal. Also can relate to the screaming child in the cart. Been there, done that.

  7. @ Heidi

    Our CVS didn't have the small sunscreen either. :( I do get frustrated sometimes when I organize everything for good deals that I want to get and then it doesn't work out.

    I actually walked out of Rite Aid this week and bought nothing. I took all 3 kids in to Rite Aid, gave them a ride on the cart and took them back out to the van. :) They were out of EVERYTHING. Out of all the stuff I wanted they had one tube of toothpaste so I decided to stop in again today. (My kids have swim class on Tuesday and Thursday and it is conveniently located right next to Rite Aid)

    And I've decided shopping with kids is an art all on its own.

    Just FYI: Even though CVS has a free photo book offer it's not a good idea to attempt it with 3 kids in tow. :) I know. I tried it.

  8. Heather, I always figured it was only my Rite Aid that is out of all the great sale items. I never was able to get the Zegerid last week. Checked 3 times and were out of it everytime. Was very annoyed! Luckily this week they had everything I wanted.

    You are brave to try to make a photo book with 3 children. I'm not sure I'd even attempt it with two.

  9. Heather, I think that's what gets me is when I spend all the time organizing and then get to the store and they don't have what I want. But I do need to be grateful for the things I get because they do definitely save us some money!

    Like this week I scored 5 big bottles of bodywash for my hubby for .60 ea!! And he was along and picked out the ones he wanted and attached to 4 of them were sample size bottles. Add that to the 2 I already had in our stash for him and he's stocked for 2 years!! He'll be the cleanest and best smelling man in NC:) Now I just need to find bodywash for me - I'm out...

    I agree with you both about shopping with kids. I saw a lady at walmart and had to work at not being very envious of her. She had SIX little girls, all perfectly behaved and she was very obviously prego and just as calm as good be. Me. I had ONE little screamer who was trying desperately to escape the cart, and I'm sure I was looking anything but calm and put together!

    Also about CVS, I think I'm gonna check out some others (yes plural) in another city close to us. They have 4. Maybe I'll be able to find a bigger one to shop at than the one I've been going to. And maybe they'll have the sunscreen. And maybe I'll be able to get a free box of pampers.:) Maybe.