Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SoBe Instant Win Game!

Are you still playing the SoBe Instant Win Game? I've been playing almost everyday and have won every time. Ninety Percent of the time I've won printable BOGO Free Sobe coupons. I have also won 3 FREE Sobe Coupons and a pair of flip flops. It's definitely worth your time playing! What have you won?


  1. I played and won the BOGO coupon. Did you try printing more then one? I just clicked the browser back and it printed another coupon and so I clicked back again and it printed a third one. I'm assuming I can use all three? I read somewhere that CVS will have their SoBe's BOGO next week. If that's the case, I see lots of free drinks in my future... :)

  2. Yes I was able to print three. If you register again with a different e-mail address you should be able to print the coupon again providing that you win the BOGO free coupon. I'm hoping that they reset the coupon soon! I have won so many that I haven't been able to print. :( Yep, I saw that CVS is going to have these on sale next week. I wish that the regular SoBe drinks would be included in the BOGO free sale. We prefer those over the lifewater. Kroger had the regular SoBe's on sale last week for $.88 so I decided to use my coupons there and paid $.44 ea. But now I have another 3 coupons...