Monday, June 14, 2010

Rebate: Schick Hydro Razor!

There's a new rebate available for the Schick Hydro Razor! Get up to $10.99 back when you buy a Schick Hydro Razor from 6/14/2010 to 8/18/10.  This week at CVS they have the Schick Hydro razor on sale for $8.97 and you'll get $4 ECBs back. Use the $5/1 Schick Hydro coupon from the 6/13 SS to get it free after ECB's and coupon. Then apply for the rebate to make $8.97!!!

If you plan to submit for this rebate I would advise printing the form right away! Sometimes rebate forms will disappear.

Thanks, Mercedes!


  1. Such a bummer. Our area didn't get the $5 coupon. :( I think I may be able to order a coupon for .40 but not sure if it's worth my hassle. I could still get the razor for free but I like moneymakers.... :)

    Speaking of razors....did you see the limit on the ProGlide at CVS is actually 2 and not 1??? I bought one last week and after reading a couple of blogs I checked my receipt and it didn't say that my limit was reached. Bought another one this week and I got ECBs on that one too. Sweet! Joe loves the new ProGlide and at .97 oop you can't beat that! Last time at CVS I got the $5/15 so I was able to use that too.

  2. You may still get a coupon for the razor sometime between now and August. Yes, I did notice that the limit on the razor was 2 and not 1. I actually got one at Rite Aid too last week. I have so many razors!!!!

  3. Yea I am swimming in mens razors....sure hope they don't expire. :) LOL!!!

  4. SSHHHHHHH..........Don't tell anyone but I use mens razors 90% of the time. I got some of the womens Venus razors and I've tried numerous other womens razors. I always go back to the mens razors. Good thing there are lots of free or nearly free ones out there... :)

  5. I have tried all kinds too and my skin must be extra sensitive, but I can only use venus. Otherwise I get rashes and razor burn. That's great if the mens work for you! :)