Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Join the CVS Advisory Panel!

Are you a member of the CVS Advisory Panel? The main reason of the CVS Advisory Panel is to gather your input about CVS stores, products and services. Throughout the year you'll receive online surveys to fill out via e-mail. When you're done filling out the survey you'll then be able to print a CVS ExtraBucks coupon! I've been signed up for about the last 10 months and I've received a 3 surveys since then. Normally for taking the surveys I've been able to print a coupon for $5 ECBs and this last time I was able to print a coupon for $15 ECBs! So it's definitely worth your time signing up! It's free to join. Go here to sign up. Just a note to watch your spam inbox because that's where my CVS Advisory Panel e-mails usually come to.


  1. I need to try this again...the last time i sent it to my spam account then it was too late by the time I saw it.
    BTW...John bought me another laptop. :) I am pretty happy. ;) It shipped yesterday, may be I will have it in a week. :)

  2. Hey, I do still read your blog!! I know I haven't commented in a long time. Seems like I while since I've seen you too!

    It's a good week for Shout at Kroger. It's part of the Daytona Event for $2.69 and I got $1 catalina for each bottle, even in the same transaction. I was happy to get them for .19 with my .75 coupons.

    Walmart has the Act II popcorn 3 pack for $1. Use the .40 coupon from Sunday's paper to get them for .60. I'm not a fan of microwave popcorn, but I get some for my hubby. :)

    Congratulations on the laptop Rachal!!! How long does it take to make it pay for itself with the extra coupons you can print by having two computers? :) Maybe I should get a cheapy.

  3. Rachal, that's great that your getting another laptop!!! I'm happy for you! Hopefully this one will have a little more memory so you can install the printing software. :)

  4. Grace, Hey, Good to hear from ya! Thanks for the tip on the Shout! I just came from Kroger and missed that. I'll have to put it on my list for next week.

  5. Grace,
    I am not getting it to print more coupons. Although I do hope to do that. :) I couldn't do it on my other computer cuz it was a piece of junk. John is on his pretty much all the time and that means I rarely get on if that's the only one in the house. he needed one for the buisiness anyway. It probably doesn't save money to get one just for the coupons you can print. :)