Monday, May 10, 2010

Ways to Snag Coupons

Are you looking for a way to build up your coupon stash? One rainy Friday afternoon about a month ago I decided to take an hour to sit down and contact companies about their products. I basically complimented them on their products. Occasionally if I really wanted to get some coupons, I would request them. Here's a list of the companies I contacted and that sent me coupons. I'm giving you a link to each company website. Usually along the bottom of each website there's a link that says "Contact Us". You then fill out the form and provide any additional comments you might have for them. ;)

Huggies Diapers and Wipes 
Received (1) $3/1 Huggies Product and (3) $1/1 any Huggies Product

Received (2) $.50/1 Cottenelle Product and (2) $1/1 any Kimberly Clark Product

Sparkle Paper Towels
Received (4) $.55/1 any Sparkle product

Quilted Northern
Received (4) $.55/1 Quilted Northen product

Hefty - Complimented Styrofoam Divided Trays
*Requested Coupon*
Received (1) coupon for any FREE Hefty product up to $3.99

Orajel - Complimented Training Toothpaste
*Requested Coupons*
Received (2) coupons for any FREE Product up to $8.99

Nesquik Powder -
Received (1) coupon for any FREE Nesquick Powder and (1) $.50/1 Nesquik Powder or Syrup

Campbells - Complimented Prego and Cream Soups
*requested coupons*
Received (1) $1/1 any Campbells product and (1) $1/2 V8 Juice

Ragu -
Received a coupon booklet filled with various Unilever products but it didn't include a coupon for Ragu which I thought was kinda funny considering the fact that I complimented this product specifically :)

Playtex Tampons -
Received (1) coupon for any FREE product up to $5.99

Domino Sugar
*Requested Coupons*
Received (1) coupon for any FREE product up to $1.00

Land O Lakes Butter
*Requested Coupons*
Received (4) different coupons for various LOL products

Ore Ida - Complimented Shredded Hash Browns and French Fries
Received (2) $.75/1 any Ore Ida product, (1) $.75/1 TGI Friday product, (1) $.50/1 Bagel Bites and (1) $.75/1 Delimex product

College Inn Broth 
Received (1) coupon for a FREE 14.5 oz broth and (1) $1/2 College Inn Broth Cartons

Bush's Beans - Complimented Baked Beans and Black Beans
Received (2) $.55/1 any Bush's Product

*Requested Coupons*
Received (3) coupons for any FREE Sobe Beverage!!!!

Heinz Ketchup
*Requested Coupons*
Received (4) $.50/1 any Heinz Ketchup

Hunts Ketchup
*Requested Coupons*
Received (1) $.50/1 any Hunts Ketchup

JIF Peanut Butter
Received (2) $.35/1 Jif Product

Have you had any success in complimenting companies on their products? If so which companies did you contact and what coupons did you receive?


  1. I don't keep as close track as you do, but I complimented Scrubbing Bubbles and Drano and received coupons to get one free of each. I think I also did a few others, but can't remember what they were. I also wrote the company that makes Fresh express lettuce because the lettuce I bought went bad really quickly and they sent me coupon for 2 free ones. I did the same thing for Hormel pepperoni that I bought that was moldy. They sent me a coupon for a free one (up to 4.99)

  2. Twila, I complimented 2 SC Johnson products and haven't gotten anything from them. So maybe I will yet if you did? I also had 2 companies (Glad Forceflex and Sunchips) that I complained about the products and they each sent me a coupon for a free product.

  3. I can't remember everything I got, but here's what I do remember:
    -Starbucks 2 FREE coupons (yay!)
    -Welch's 1 FREE coupon
    -Heinz .50 ketchup coupons and a FREE coupon for Smart One entre or desert.

  4. I wonder if I should compliment Starbucks again and ask for coupons this time??? They sure would be good!

  5. I've done this numerous times. I know one thing I did was Skintimate shaving cream and if I remember correctly they send a coupon for a free product. I also have done this if I buy something like Twila did that is not up to par. They pretty much always send lots of coupons- usually a free one as well as some other random ones.