Monday, May 24, 2010

Wal-Mart: $.50 Nexcare Bandages

Wal-Mart has the Nexcare Bandages priced at only $1.50. Use the $1/1 Nexcare printable and pay only $.50 ea.


  1. Did you notice the .55/1 Vlassic product coupon on hiptosave? (From Kroger has Vlassic relish 10/$10 this week, so FREE relish!!!
    I am so ticked at Staples right now! I got an e-mail stating that the Small Steps TP is unavailable to order!!! (After I got a confirmation e-mail last Saturday.)
    I sent them an e-mail letting them know I was not happy! I used Staples Rewards to pay for part of it, so I lost that AND my order! GRRR...!!!!

  2. What???!!! That's not right that they do that after they send you a confirmation e-mail and use you Staples Rewards! I would definately be telling them I want my rewards back!

    I didn't notice that Valssic Relish is on sale. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I was excited about
    the relish...except Smartsource printed me pickle pictures but no coupons. What a waste of ink!!

  4. Grace,
    That's so dumb why they did that! I made the same mistake at first.
    You need to click on the link. You can't actually print from
    Here's the link:
    Click on coupons and it will go directly to printing.

    Hope it works!

  5. Rachal---what's the deal with Staples??? I almost ordered some on Saturday, and now I am sooo glad I didn't!!! Do you think they had more orders than they expected?

  6. LOL, Grace!!!!

    I bet Staples got alot more orders than they expected. If it was on Hip 2 Save they probably got slammed. :)

  7. Yeah I got 48 rolls of TP for 6.17, used $3 in Staples rewards and paid only 3.17 to have it shipped to the store. They e-mailed back saying., "It was part of a one day deal while supplies lasted, blah blah blah...
    I e-mailed back again and said "yes you did inconvenience me and no regrets on your part will make up for it. And I can't imagine what further assistance you could be referring to since you refuse to honor your offer..."
    I know that sounds mean, but I get so sick and tired of canned e-mails..."We regret to inform you...if we can be of any further assistance, blah blah blah....." It sounds like they never read my e-mail in the first place! yep I am hot right now!! :)

  8. Rachal - I just had the same thing happen to me. I ordered 5 of them and so that got my order high enough to get free shipping. I thought this is great - I don't even have to lug my kids and the toilet paper to my vehicle. And now I get an email saying it was part of a one day offer and while supplies last. How does that work? They even gave me a confirmation number of my order? Seems like they should have to honor that? And I did get a chuckle out of this part. The email said the toilet paper was not able to be shipped with the rest of my order. What rest of my order?? DUH!!! That's all I wanted was a BUNCH of TP!!!!! Stupid canned emails..... Anyway, I feel better now. :)

  9. On a different note - I was able to get free relish at Giant Eagle too. And if you guys get 'All You' there's a coupon in there too for the Vlasic relish. Just in case you need one more free relish.... :)

  10. Heather...yes that's what my e-mail said too. They apparently didn't look up our orders or they would have seen that we didn't order anything else...and they made sure and told me twice that my credit card wasn't charged. Hello???? As if that was some favor they did me! Of course they didn't charge it, they didn't send the dumb toilet paper!!!

  11. I finally got a personal e-mail, that looked like someone actually read my e-mail! They offered to send me a rewards check to replace the one I had used. And they're making it $5 instead of $3. :) "For the trouble" they said. :) Now $2 does not make up for the trouble, but they didn't have to give me anything, so I am happy.

  12. I'm glad you're getting your rewards check back! That's only fair. I was wondering how many Hip 2 Save readers got their orders cancelled. I bet there was alot of upset people!