Monday, May 31, 2010

A Recap of my May Grocery Spending

Well, tomorrow is the beginning of a new month. Hard to believe! I've been looking over my spending for the last month and I manged to stay under budget by $15.41. I budget $60wk/$240mo for groceries. Now last month I  posted that I was wanted to stay accountable for my extra grocery money that I wasn't using. Well I tried this month to do a better job with saving it or if I did spend it to write it down. Five dollars of it I used to buy a gift, four dollars went to Taco Bell and Starbucks (had to take advantage of the 1/2 price frapps ;), and the rest I spent at the greenhouse to buy a couple flowers.

Here's what my spending looked like for this month.
Total Spent - $224.59
Total Saved w/coupons - $453.94
Total Saved w/sales - $64.02
Total Saved w/Rebates - $17.00
Total Savings - $534.96
Total Coupons Used - 240

It's kinda interesting to compare my savings this month to last month. Last month I saved $761.28 by using coupons and this month I only saved $453.94.  The sales were definitely not as great this month. I also was buying alot more fresh fruit and vegetables this month.

My goal for the month of June is to try to spend only $50 a week. It will definitely be a little more challenging for me with fresh produce being in season around here but I'm gonna try hard!


  1. May Spending: (budgeted amount was 200)
    Total Spent: $210.33
    Total saved with coupons $281.37
    Total saved with sales: $206.19
    Total savings 487.56 (69.87%)
    Total coupon used: 180
    Overspent by 10.33. ;(
    But I am still under budget for the year by about $60-$70. (Thanks to January's "Eat from the pantry.") :)

  2. I keep thinking I need to try the "Eat from the Pantry" but am a little scared.
    May was really boring with sales I hope June is better and hopefully we'll get some triples!

  3. Yea I keep thinking I need to do it again...maybe if we did it together it wouldn't be so hard! Think of how much money we could save and use up our stock. :)

    Let me know how Rite Aid goes tomorrow. :)

  4. Way to go Michelle! And I am anxious to see how you do with the $50 a month goal. I always find it fun to challenge myself to that kind of things, although it can get frustrating too.

    I think you must use WAY more coupons than I do. I'm pretty sure I don't use anywhere close to 200 coupons and I never save as much as you and Rachal do. But I am okay with my spending...just amazed at you all! :)

  5. Did I tell you I decided to quit keeping track of my spending in excel? I am of course staying with the same budget but I am so tired of entering receipts. :(

    Way to go on the $50!! The first few weeks after lowering my budget is always hard for me. I am proud of you!

  6. Now, ladies I've only just begun with this $50 budget. I don't know if I'll be able to do it or not. This week I was able to and only spent $41 if I wouldn't of had to buy strawberries for jam I would have only spent $32. Oh, well I guess I should be happy that I am well under budget for this week.