Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wal-Mart: FREE Razors plus Possible Moneymaker!

Schick Disposable Razors - $1.97
Use $3/1 any Schick Disposable Razor from the 3/21 SS
Final Price - FREE + 1.03 in possible overage!

Bic Silky Touch (Trial Pack) - $.97
Use $2/1 any Bic Disposable Razor from the 3/28 SS
Final Price - FREE + $1.03 in possible overage!

Keep in mind that getting overage will all depend on the cashier you have. I generally try to choose young girls or guys for my cashiers. I did this 2 different times this week and both times the cashier just pushed the coupons through.


  1. Mom didn't want all 52 razors that I offered her, :) so I will give the rest to Interchurch social services. They take food, health and beauty items. Also medicines, first aid supplies and glucose monitors.

  2. He, He!!! I had to chuckle that your mom doesn't want 52 razors. :) I will be donating mine!

  3. Marla makes so much fun of me and all my razors!!!!!!! I even let her pick one out for her birthday!! :) But, since these are disposables, I'll donate these.

  4. hey, i didnt make that much fun of can unload any of your loot to me at any time. :) its just funny seeing you guys get so stocked up. wish i could coupon.

  5. Marla, LOL!!! I wondered whether you'd read this! We gotta have some kind of hobby when we're at home all day with the kiddos! :)

  6. Well Ladies, we have no reason to walk around with unshaven legs. :) Actually we do because we have kids, but we can't complain about the expense. ;)
    I think I have kept my Mom supplied with razors for the last 2 years. ;) With such a big family there's a lot of faces and legs to keep smooth!