Friday, April 30, 2010

$2 Off One Red Baron Pizza By The Slice!

"Like" Red Baron on Facebook and you'll be able to print a coupon for $2 off when you buy any One Red Baron Pizza By The Slice Product. Coupon expires 2 months from printing. I'm hoping for a good sale to pair this coupon with!

Thanks, Hip 2 Save!


  1. I am so excited! I figured out how to install the printer driver onto the new computer! I was able to print 2 coupons.

  2. You go girl!!!! I'm glad you were able to print 2 coupons! Did you have to "unlike" them to print the 2nd coupon or did it let you print 2 right away?

  3. I unliked and liked again, then it worked. If you have two FB accounts and 2 computers you should be able to print 4.

  4. OK, you know how I grumbled over John getting a new computer and loosing all my "favorites" and having to install the printer driver,re-install the coupon printer etc..?
    Well I just realized that a new computer means a new IP address and you know what that means....
    More Wheaties Fuel, Starbucks, and Wheatables coupons...and that's just the beginning!!!
    And now I can print Smart Source coupons from IE instead of always having to swithc to Firefox!! And talk about lightning fast!!! OUr old computer was such a clunker. He got Windows 7. :) John got a hot deal on Tiger Direct. He says he'll get me another laptop sometime. :) I am happy with this one, but it is slow and doesn't have anough space for even the basic programs, such as a printer driver!!?? What year did they make computers with a ten gig hard drives!!??? LOL!

  5. Yay!!! That's so exciting!! Don't forget about the $1/2 campbells soup coupon!! Is the Wheaties Fuel coupon still available? This morning I quickly checked and I didn't see but I may have missed it because I was in a hurry. Not many great coupons this morning. :( Hopefully some will come yet!

  6. Oh yeah I should print the soup coupon. I don't think I printed it when it first came out.
    The Wheaties Fuel coupons I reprinted were from Facebook and Smart Source. I was excited to see we actually got the .75/1 Wheaties coupon this weekend. :)