Friday, March 26, 2010

$1.25/1 Reyonolds Wrap Foil

Save $1.25 on One Reyonolds Wrap Foil from 100% Recycled Aluminum. This is a high value coupon and should make for a good deal. This may also be a good coupon to hang onto for K-Mart doubles.

Thanks, Hip 2 Save!


  1. I am so excited because I got my Olay Rebate check!! I think I made somewhere between 5 and 7 dollars!! Yay! Plus I have the 2 body wash and 1 lotion! :)

  2. Good for you!! Now you can start your rebate envelope. :) I'm a little worried about my rebate check. I read on Common Sense w/Money that people who did the gift card deal at Target aren't getting their rebate checks. Something about the UPC's on the bottle isn't on their list of qualifying UPC's. If I get a rejection letter in the mail I will be giving them a call. It stated clearly on the rebate form ANY Olay body wash.

  3. Oh my! I hope you get it. It did say "any". I would definetely call if you don't get it.
    Never did get my COl. Dispatch. Grrrrr!

  4. Michelle,
    I hope your kroger trip went ok. :)
    I spent 11.66. BUT 4.10 worth of e-coupons didn't come off ! I am so mad! My Total should ahve been 6.56. Before coupons $100.75!

    Can you believe I used 109 coupons this week! That is just crazy. I think we have OCD!!!

  5. Oh and I got two .50 catalina's back. So 5.56 after Cellfire reimburses me! GRRRR!!!

  6. That $100.75 includes Kroger plus card savings I think. But anyway..maximizing the savings! :)

  7. Did you see the $.75/1 Sargento Cheese coupon? Grrr... Would have be nice to have that earlier. Oh, well, maybe Kroger doesn't carry the low sodium kind.

    I was looking at the Ciny ad looks like there are some things I want to get. Philly cream cheese, Lays chips depending on the price, possibly B.E. sausage. I just can't stay away not matter how hard I try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW-Sorry that your e-coupons didn't come off. It's always such a let down when that happens.

  8. I know...we need to look for some kroger repellant. Maybe that would help. :)

  9. I am impressed with Shortcuts! 1.40 was credited to my account within hours after I filed my compaint. Cellfire? 4 coupons for a total of $2.70...haven't heard from them. I don't know if I will use cellfire anymore. just too many irritations.

  10. Yes, I definately need Kroger repellant! :)
    Have you heard back yet from Cellfire?

  11. No I haven't heard from cellfire. :(
    Guess what??? Kraft cheese is 1.25 at Dale's this week! So you know what that means!!! .75 after coupon!
    Is Jeremy still sick? Did you have the youth?

  12. Ha! I knew we'd find somewhere to put those $1/2 Kraft Cheese coupons to good use! Now if Dales can sale that cheese for $1.25 so can Kroger!!!!!!! A real bummer though, because as you may remember I don't have much money to spend this week. :(

    Jeremy is still not feeling well so we didn't have the youth. Kinda of a bummer since I spent time making the food and cleaning the house.

    How did you sandwiches turn out?

  13. Oh I am sorry! That's discouraging to have gone to all that work for nothing. I am sick too. I started last night with a runny nose and cough. (Again! ) "Rolls eyes..." ;)
    I am feeling worse and worse... yuck!
    I don't have a lot to spend this week either. waaaaa. John and Judah's birthdays are this week so most of my money will go for their parties (if I feel well enough) But I decided to get 6 packages of cheese. That's less than $5!!
    My sandwiches turned out ok. I boiled the sauce for 2 minutes, but somehow the sugar didn't disolve, because about half of them had grainy stuff on top. The corn overcooked and the soup overcooked a bit too. is just not one of my talents!
    I guess I could just e-mail you. LOL!! But I figure if I leave comments about deals then other people can benefit to. :)

  14. Aww, sorry about the sandwiches! It seems like my food flops whenever I have company and I really want the food to turn out right.

    I don't mind you leaving stuff like this in the comments. I always think this is easier than e-mail!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  15. I am excited! Awhile back I e-mailed Pepperidge Farm and said my children like their Goldfish crackers and would they be willing to send me some coupons for them. Well today I got a coupon from them in the mail for $3 off any Pepperidge Farm product! Yay! When the $4/1 method detergent came out I missed it, so I e-mailed the company and asked if they could send me a coupon. They said they would! I haven't recieved it yet but I am watching the mail! John just rolled his eyes when I told him. :) i am also excited about all the free magazines I get!
    Right now I am getting:
    Family Circle
    Family Fun (My favorite)
    Weight Watchers
    Yay for free! (And fun)

  16. Ok just a warning:
    If you go to Dale's, do not go through the checkout with the Old Lady!
    I got 6 bags of Kraft cheese and handed her 3 coupons.
    She said, "Oh it doesn't say manufacture coupon on it so I can't take it." then she reads the back and says "Here it says YOU have to send it in." I tried to explain that it said "To the Retailer" before that paragraph. DUH! ALL COUPONS HAVE TO BE SENT IN. I said ok, then I don't want them. Then she said, OH, I will go check with John (Or Bob or Dan..can't remember). Then she asked where I got it. I told her and so she said, "Oh it's probably their coupon. (Wrong again lady) I didn't even bother to explain that the coupon started with 5 and the back said to send it in to Kraft distributors. So she called Bob (or John or whoever) and he said to try scanning it. So she tried and it scanned! Then she told him and he said to take it, (after saying loudly "She said she got it out of a MACHINE"!. The second one scanned but the third one didn't. By this time I was getting so mad!!! The lady behind me was huffing and puffing and said "You're kidding, where?" When I said that Kroger had blinkie coupon machines. I could tell she didn't believe me. (She probably never set foot in a Kroger) :) So I told her to take the other two off and she handed me the change and said, well sometimes those coupons can be such a pain! I wanted to slap her!

  17. Oh my, Rachal! I just had to laugh! I'm sorry! That old lady probably never gets coupons and doesn't know what to do with them. Some people are so ignorant! I'm planning on stopping Friday evening before church. Hopefully they'll be a young cashier working!

    Wow! That's a good coupon you got from Pepperidge Farms! That could about by 2 bags of goldfish if you got them on sale!

    I love all the free magazines too! I can't beleive I use to pay for magazines!

    Where are all the freebies today??????!!!!!!!

    I had a dream last night that I was at Kroger and I found a whole bunch of the wipes that were $1.56. I'm dying to go to Kroger in Newark. HELP!!!!!!!!!

  18. Oh Michelle, you poor thing...Kroger withdrawl is awful! :) I mean 2 whole's so long! Sorry! Know the feeling..."takes one to know one!" LOL!!!
    THAT'S SO FUNNY ABOUT THE WIPES DREAM! Sometimes i go to bed thinking up scenarios or thinking about how many Kraft cheese I am getting...or I dream about cashiers not taking my coupons! John almost rolls on the floor laughing at my "coupon nightmares". :) I really need milk and I really didn't want to pay 3.?? a gallon at Dale's so I am thinking I might just do my shopping this afternoon...yeah I have countless boxes of pasta in my cupboard and tons of free yogurt in the fridge and no milk! Ha!
    I am interested in reading about how Crystal never pays for her newspaper coupons???? HOW IN THE WORLD?? And I can't wait for the videos to post from the contest on hiptosave! :)

  19. Anyway, I'm curious too how she doesn't pay for any newspaper coupons. I read that you can watch some of the contest videos on youtube. Not the ones that won but others. I haven't had time yet to watch any.

  20. Not too much at Kroger this week. :)
    The Ziploc Food Storage Containers are 2.50 this week.
    Buy 3, and use 3 $1/1 coupons from the tearpad at Kroger and pay 4.50 plus tax. Submit for the $5 rebate and even with the stamp, your basically paying only tax!
    The Quaker chewy granola bars are 1.39 when you buy 4 items from the quaker/post deal. There is a 1/2 coupon from a RP insert so less than a dollar.
    True Delight bars are included (1.69) and there is a .75/1 RP coupon that makes them .19 after coupon when you buy 4 participating items.
    I think that's about all the deals I noticed... :)
    I got overage at WM with the Mcormick Taco Seasoning. :)

  21. Hey, I just had a thought. We should have taped ourselves finding tearpads of coupons and then sent it to Hip for the video contest. He, He just joking..

    There's some funny ones. I watched "Get the Coup On" 2 sisters pretty funny but I don't think I'm going to have Jadon cutting out coupons for my anytime soon.

  22. LOL!!! Yeah why didn't we??!!

    I watched the "Spa hiptosave way", and one or two others. I have to go watch the "coup" one. :)