Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Free Full Size Bottle of Aveeno Stress Relief Lotion!

Go here to snag a FREE full size bottle of Aveeno Stress Relief Lotion. This will most likely be gone fast so I'd hurry if you want it!

Just a note, I was getting an error screen after filling out my info and pressing the submit button. When I got the error screen I refreshed the page and then after a couple minutes it said they received my request. Have patience!

Thanks, Money Saving Mom!


  1. I keep getting errors and it won't go through. I tried three times and refreshed about 20 times!

  2. Ok I give up. Bummer I need that bottle of stress relief lotion after all that! ;)

  3. I gave up, too. I agree that we both need a bottle after all the stress.....:)
    I refreshed the page about 20 times, too. :(

  4. Ok, so I tried again this morning for the free lotion....it keeps telling me my last name is invalid!!!!! Not sure what more it wants me to do...give a last name that truly is invalid??? :) I even tried it with my maiden name-married name and it said the same thing. I would say their web site is having some weird problems!! :)

  5. Sorry guys! It's clear that their web site can't handle the traffic. You could keep trying throughout the day.

  6. I tried again...no luck. Oh well I should be happy with all the free stuff I get,
    Thanks Michelle for all your work in finding deals!