Friday, January 15, 2010

3 FREE Issues to Family Circle!!!

YEAA!!! I love getting magazines in the mail and it's even better when I know I'm getting them FREE! Go here to request 3 FREE issues of Family Circle. The issues you'll receive will be May, June and July of 2010.

Thanks, Common Sense With Money!


  1. michelle, quick question for you. i have been out of the diaper buying stage for a while and even then it was in my pre-couponing days. i still have 4 months to go before this baby comes along but i wanted to plan ahead and purchase ahead if i find a good deal. what do you consider a good deal for pampers? what would you pay per pamper? i am hearing walgreens is going to have a sweet deal next week so i wanted to check around on prices before i fall for some scam.... :) thanks, heather

  2. You're usually better off buying the small jumbo pks versus the big boxes. That was hard for me becuase I always liked buying the biggest box I could find so I wouldn't have to buy diapers for awhile.

    I normally pay around $6 for a jumbo pk of huggies. I believe the Parent's Choice diapers sell for $6 at WM and I think if you can buy Huggies for that price it's a good deal!!!

    The deal next week at Wal-Greens looks like a good one! For the Mommas has a deal scenerio.


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