Monday, September 21, 2009

Rite Aid: Cheap Huggies Diapers!!!

I normally don't shop at Rite Aid but they have such an awesome deal on Huggies Diapers this week that I couldn't stay away. :-) Anyway here's what you need to do to snag Huggies Diapers for only $1 a pack!!!

Buy 3 packages Huggies Pure & Natural at $11.00 ea = $33.00
Use 1 - $5/$20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
Use 3 - $3/1 Huggies Pure & Natural printable here and here
Use 3 - $2/1 Huggies from the Rite Aid Ad Perks Video
Total after coupons $13.00
Get back $10 from SCR #4
Only $1 a pack after SCR!!!

*Just a reccomendation for you. I would print the $2/1 Huggies Rite Aid Ad Perks coupon as soon as you've watched the video. After clicking the print button your print options will pop up. Change the number of prints to 3 so you'll get 3 coupons. Then once you've got those coupons printed you can watch 19 more videos so you qualify for the $5/$20 Rite Aid coupon.*

Update: If you don't want to take the time to watch 20 Rite Aid Ad Perks videos for the $5/$20 coupon your total would come to $18. After the $10 SCR only $8 which comes out to $2.66 ea. That is still a good deal for diapers!

If you're wondering how the Rite Aid rebate system works go here.


  1. I'm so bummed (pun intended)...I used my Video Value coupons earlier. Oh how I wish I had them now!

  2. Well..create an account with your husbands name and print off more. :-)

  3. Did it seem like alot of people were buying these?? I was wondering if it's worth my time to stop there tomorrow morning. There is nothing that annoys me more than carrying my baby( and sometimes all the children) all the way into the store and then they are sold out...... :)

  4. I know Monica!! I hate too when you take time to stop and then you can't get what you want. I was in there around noon today and there were no more 3's. I took the last 2 packs of size 2 and a pack of size 1. There was still 1's left as well as newborn and 4 and 5.

  5. Yah for you!!!!! That's an amazing deal! Of course this had to come around after my little boy is being potty trained! Oh well I won't complain about not having to change diapers.

  6. "You could always start stocking up on diapers for the next little one." I say in a joking voice. :-) LOL ;-)

  7. They'll rot before I get up the courage and/or my back gets better! Ha! ;)

  8. I actually managed to get the last pack of 1's and the last 2 pks of 4's!!! Once I actually found them, that is. Now, why in the world are they not in the baby aisle that says "diapers". Whoever thought of putting them in a big mixed up pile in the middle of the store???? :)

  9. I do know that they're moving stuff around in there. When I was in there half of the diapers were in one aisle and the other half were in another aisle.