Thursday, July 9, 2009

Money Saving Tips on Printing Coupons

  • We all know it can get expensive rather quickly buying ink cartridges. We have a Dell printer and I was buying our cartridges directly through Dell. I always cringed whenever it was time to buy more ink. So I was excited when I discovered I could by remanufactured cartridges through 4inkjets. I can save 30% by ordering my cartridges through them rather than Dell. So far I have been pleased by the quality of printing and the cartridges are lasting just as long as they were when I got them through Dell.
  • Print your coupons in black and white. In your printer settings you should be able to choose to print color images in black and white.
  • When printing some coupons, the coupon will print with a picture following the coupon. When this happens, I normally wait until I see the entire coupon has printed then I quickly press the "stop" button on our printer. You'll save alot of ink this way! Unfortunately there are a few coupons that the picture prints out before the coupon and there's no way to avoid that.
  • To save on paper, buy it at Staples when they have a good sale. In the 3 months I've been "couponing" I've seen 2 different times that they've had a deal when you bought a ream of paper you could get 90%-100% of your money back via a rebate. When I run across a deal like this I'll be sure to let you know.


  1. Thanks for the tip on buying ink, I'll have to try "4inkjets". I always hate to see the "low-ink" thing pop-up. :(

  2. I agree with seeing the "low-ink" setting!:(I have slowed down in printing coupons the last while. Around the time all the kraft coupons were available I cringed every time I wanted to print something. I also print the bulletins for church so that doesn't help either.

  3. Thanks for letting us know about this. I ordered ink last night and saved 50 percent. And then at checkout it asked for a coupon code, so I googled 4inkjets coupon, found one and saved another $2.18! I will definately be ordering my ink from them from now on.

  4. Good idea on finding a coupon code! I'm you were able to save quite a bit from ordering through 4inkjets!