Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Little About Me...

Around three months ago I was introduced to the "world of couponing" when my good friend Rachal started a money saving blog. I read her blog on a daily basis but was rather skeptical of actually being able to save money using coupons. I've always thought that people who use coupons don't actually save that much money that it's worth their time clipping coupons but for some reason I kept reading her blog. Then one day Rachal posted that you could get a jumbo pack of Huggies Supreme diapers at Kroger for $3.49 after coupons. Since that day I've been a coupon clipper!

You may think that couponing takes too much time. I'll be honest and admit it does take time but I've decided since I'm a stay at home Mom this is something I can do to try to "help out" around here. Another note, since I've started using coupons my pantry is fuller than it's ever been and I'm spending less money! How awesome is that? I have also been able to give alot more. My brother got married a month ago and I gave him 2 big bags of groceries. I figured up how much money I had in the groceries and it came close to $8. I've been able to give some of my family toothpaste and shavers that I've gotten for free at CVS.

I love being able to help others! That's the reason I've started this blog. So I can help others save money and find good deals. I will hopefully be keeping you up to date on the latest printable coupons and samples available. If time allows I'll do a weekly CVS and Kroger post.


  1. I am so glad I got you "hooked"! :)
    Isn't it awsome to be able to give from your stockpile? I love seeing my Mom's face when I give her bags of stuff! :)

  2. Yes I love being able to get stuff for other people. Mom often will give me her coupons so I can watch for a good sale to use it with.

  3. Hope you have comment notification to see this. :)

    We don't get the paper and live out in the boonies. We are an hour to the nearest Wal Mart. That isn't too bad, I have friends who live two hours from one. I think I will follow your blog since you have some good links to places.

    Thank you and God bless.